How Long Do Sessions Last?

That depends on the number of "looks" our outfits you want to shoot in, but the average session lasts 2-3 hours:

45 minutes to prep before getting into the water.
45 minutes to relax and learn the basics if you've never done this before.
Typically, it takes 30-45 minutes in the water to capture a single "look".

What Experience Do I Need?

None whatsoever! We work with everyone from first timers to experienced pros, all age groups, and all body types. Everyone is capable of learning the skills needed to breath properly, control their buoyancy, pose beautifully, and create stunning underwater imagery. If you've never modeled underwater before we'll have you looking your best in no time. The Submerge team will be there to coach and guide you every step of the way.

Do I Need to be a Good Swimmer?

Not necessarily. Modeling underwater isn't about swimming strength, stamina or endurance. It's all about calm relaxation and surrender. You don't need to be a strong swimmer, but having general comfort in and around water really helps. Also, being comfortable opening your eyes underwater also helps.

Will My Eyes Burn If I Open Them?

That depends on the environment. Saltwater pools are very gentle on the eyes and don't burn when you open them. The ocean is also very gentle, as well as any freshwater spring, so it's OK to have a look around. Heavily chlorinated pools tend to sting the most when opening your eyes, so we try and avoid shooting in them whenever possible. We also recommend the use of eye drops before and after your session to minimize any irritation.

How Long Do I Have to Hold My Breath?

Not long at all! 10 seconds is plenty long enough to capture several great shots. It's not about duration underwater, it's all about relaxation.

How Deep Do I Have to Go?

0 feet! Some of the most specular images happen just below the surface, where light creates the most stunning reflections. We can shoot as shallow or deep as you're comfortable in the water.

Where Do You Shoot?

Everywhere worldwide! We shoot in pools, oceans and freshwater springs across the globe and we love to travel. Our home base is Southern California where we have heated, studio pools available as well as the breathtaking kelp forests of the Pacific Ocean. Wether its the confined comfort of a pool session you're interested in, or posing atop the bow of a sunken shipwreck, we've done it all!

Do I Need to Bring My Own Outfit?

That's up to you! Most people have a specific look our outfit already planned out. Other's prefer to rent one of our gowns or mermaid gear. It's important to plan an outfit that's both safe to wear and looks good underwater, so whatever the case, we'll help you put together the ideal elements for your underwater shoot.

How should I do my makeup underwater?


Can I wear a wig underwater?