Currently residing in Southern California, we travel world-wide for creative endeavors. From studio tanks to olympic pools, oceans, water filled caves and even underneath frozen seas, with each new project we strive to bring a rewarding and collaborative experience to every client we work with. The Submerge team is a creative production hub ready to make your dreams come true.



Justin is an accomplished filmmaker, published photographer, and a seasoned dive professional with a passion and expertise in underwater production. His experience ranges from underwater portrait photography to open water documentaries, confined water narrative work, features, commercials, music videos, short films and behind-the-scenes imagery and safety diving for the film and entertainment industry.




Abbey is a professional mermaid and performer with over 10 years of underwater experience. She’s also a certified free diver / SCUBA diver and when she’s not performing, she’s coaching talent and teaching workshops to help others learn the art of underwater modeling and stunt performing.