‘Submerge’ is a creative partnership between photographer Justin Lutsky and professional mermaid Abbey Blake, created out of a mutual passion to tell stories, create stunning ocean-inspired art, and explore the underwater world. Together, they provide film & photography services world-wide, travel adventures, talent training, PADI SCUBA & mermaid certifications, and many other unique experiences to water enthusiasts everywhere.

Currently residing in Southern California, they travel world-wide for creative endeavors, and with each new project they strive to bring a rewarding and collaborative experience to every client they work with. They strongly believe that a collaborative spirit is the most essential element to any successful creative endeavor.



Justin is a published photographer, award winning filmmaker, and a seasoned dive instructor with a passion and expertise in creating underwater imagery. Driven by a deep sense of adventure and exploration, Justin endeavors to tell stories, create stunning ocean-inspired art, and capture the most gorgeous aquatic environments imaginable through film and photography.



Abbey, also known as “The Everyday Mermaid”, is a professional mermaid, accomplished underwater performer, trained freediver, and an experienced content creator, having spent more than a decade working on both sides of the camera crafting compelling stories for brands, artists, musicians, tourism, venues, and more. A classically trained pianist, as well as former ballet dancer, Abbey has always expressed herself through various artistic outlets. She’s driven to create underwater visual art as a way to challenge her own mind and body, in hopes that it may inspire others to swim after their dreams, no matter how big or unattainable they may seem.