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Underwater Creators Run “Amok” in the Florida Springs.

Prepare to be enchanted as we dive into a mystical world beneath the waves! “Sanderson Sirens: A Hocus Pocus-Inspired Underwater Photoshoot,” is a visually stunning and bewitching project that pays homage to the iconic Sanderson Sisters and the spellbinding charm of All Hallow's Eve.

This unique photoshoot was one of several recent creations by “Submerge”, a company specializing in underwater film, photography and talent training. It was a collaborative effort between renowned underwater photographer Justin Lutsky and a team of free divers and professional mermaids, Abbey Blake, Luna Marie, and Felicia Flaherty. Together, they set out to combine the art of underwater photography with the enchanting allure of "Hocus Pocus," resulting in a collection of mesmerizing and mystical images.

Shot on location in the crystal clear waters of Florida’s natural springs, it was the perfect backdrop for these underwater witches to take flight. Recreating the iconic costumes, props and signature character traits of the Sanderson Sisters was a labor of love for the team. Working underwater allowed the creators to bring the “Hocus Pocus” charm of witchcraft to life, as the models were able to pose weightless atop iconic props from the film. A broomstick, a mop and even a vintage vacuum cleaner were brought underwater for the photoshoot.

“Bringing the magic of ‘Hocus Pocus’ to the underwater world was both creatively rewarding as it was technically challenging. This photoshoot is a celebration of creativity, fantasy and the boundless possibilities of art,” say‘s Lutsky.

“We are excited to share this enchanting photoshoot with fans of ‘Hocus Pocus’ and lovers of art alike. We hope it will transport viewers to a world of wonder and magic,” says Blake.

Fans and enthusiasts are invited to watch the Behind the Scenes Vlog, view the Final Photos, and share their own love for the film by joining the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SandersonSirens and tagging @SubmergeUnderwater.