Embrace the depths of motherhood with an underwater maternity portrait session. Dive into a truly enchanting experience that celebrates the beauty of pregnancy in a setting that's as magical as the extraordinary journey.

What to expect:

Aquatic Elegance

Feel weightless and graceful beneath the water's surface as we expertly guide you through poses that highlight the natural curves of your baby bump. The play of light and the fluidity of movement add an extra layer of enchantment to each image.

Family Friendly

Invite your partner or other family members to join the underwater session, creating a unique and intimate experience that celebrates the growing family beneath the surface. Underwater maternity portraits provide a distinctive perspective on the bond shared with loved ones.

Timeless keepsakes

Cherish the magic of your underwater maternity session with timeless portraits that freeze the fleeting moments of this miraculous journey. These images are not just photographs; they are artistic keepsakes that encapsulate the beauty and serenity of underwater maternity.


Underwater maternity portrait sessions start at $1250 with $750 towards prints or digitals.


Professional HAIR & MAKEUP

Work with a professional hair and makeup artist ensuring every detail is perfected for an effortlessly stunning and polished look.


Transform into a mermaid with one of our many tails and tops to choose from.


Elevate the elegance of your photoshoot by renting one of our stunning gowns.

Add a Friend

Bring a friend to your photo session and shoot together.

Behind the Scenes Video Content

Behind-the-Scenes video captured during your photo session.

Slow motion video clips

Slow-motion video captured during your photo session.


Edited reels of your photo session experience.

Book your Maternity Session Today!

Dive deep into the poetry of pregnancy and book your underwater maternity session. Let us create captivating images that immortalize the beauty and magic of this extraordinary chapter.

I want to thank your entire team for their hard work on this journey. It was such a pleasure to experience the magic.

Jessie Jewels